October 2, 2016

Crisis Management

When crisis hits, professionals, companies and high-profile families find themselves in a frenzied spiral.  One of Oleander’s founding partners, Neda Mansoorian, calmly and creatively steps in, to assess the situation and to shield her clients from further damage, while already working on reversing any harm.  While public relations firms tout themselves as experts in this field, it takes someone with combined legal acumen and “street smarts,” to fully control and manage ongoing risk.

Neda has handled countless sticky issues, including cyberstalking and cyberthreats, extortion, surprise C-Suite shake-ups, embezzlement schemes, and governmental/regulatory investigations.

Neda’s goal is to bring order, clarity and a sense of direction, when her clients find themselves in dire straits and in need of steady, calm and confident guidance.  Known throughout the legal community as a master problem-solver, Neda brings unique interpersonal skills and a keen understanding of the human condition to all matters in which she is involved.